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Maximizing Your Revenue Potential: A Holiday Season Strategy for Publishers

The holiday season is undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone. At the same time, it is one of the crucial periods for publishers and many other business owners to meet their annual revenue goals. With the rise in seasonal sales in the eCommerce sector, advertising spending also sees a significant increase.

From November through January, consumers engage in an increased level of actively buying products. This extended time frame provides publishers with a strategic opportunity to optimize the efficacy of their programmatic advertisements, extending their influence well beyond the traditional holiday season.

In 2020, data revealed a 32% increase in CPM rates in November and throughout the holiday season on the Meta platform alone. And this was when the world was stuck in the claws of COVID-19. Year after year, the CPM and eCPM rates increase, making the holiday season the hottest time for publishers to earn more revenue.

These statistics highlight the substantial influence of seasonality on advertising metrics. And because of this, it gets more important than ever for publishers to be more attentive and serious about earning revenue during these times. But for that, there needs to be a strategy, which we’re going to discuss in this blog.

Let’s have a look.

Table of Contents:

Why is the Holiday Season Important for Publishers?

The holiday season is crucial for publishers for several reasons, primarily driven by changes in consumer behavior, increased online activity, and heightened advertising spending. Therefore, publishers need to take advantage of this time. Here’s why:

Increased Consumer Spending

During the holiday season, there is a significant uptick in consumer spending as people purchase gifts, decorations, and other holiday-related items. This increased spending often translates to higher online traffic and engagement. This benefits the publishers as they can capitalize on the surge in user activity.

Rise in Online Shopping

With the growth of e-commerce, more people turn to online shopping during the holidays.

According to Statista, during the last quarter of 2022, e-commerce accounted for 14.7% of total U.S. retail sales, marking a significant increase from 2021 when e-commerce sales constituted 12.9 percent of total retail sales during the holiday quarter, more than doubling within that year.

Publishers can benefit from this increased number of online shopping activities this season, which includes product research, price comparisons, and the actual purchase process.

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