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Top 7 Podcasts about AdTech

Podcasts are now an indispensable tool for professional marketers seeking to expand their horizons and think of new ideas. That's why we curate a daily podcast playlist, featuring our team's favorite shows. We're excited to share our top 7 AdTech podcast recommendations with you, where you find what you like, valuable insights, industry discussions, and expert interviews to ensure you're always in the know.

1. AdExchanger Talks

Hosted by executive editor Zach Rogers, the AdExchanger podcast is a must-listen for digital advertising professionals. Our Account Manager recommended it because of in-depth interviews with key industry figures and discussions of the latest developments in marketing.

We, in particular, recommend you listen to “The Reality Of Advertising In Virtual Worlds” with interesting insights about in-game ad experiences.

AdExchanger Talks, the advertising and marketing technology podcast, is dedicated to brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies, and technology providers. So, you can broaden your experience by listening to insights in different fields.

🎧 Listen on Apple: AdExchanger Podcast

🎧Listen on Spotify: AdExchanger Podcast

2. AdTechGod Pod

This podcast is where the worlds of technology and creativity converge, created by AdTech God. As listeners, we've been captivated by the thought-provoking discussions and personal stories that this podcast presents. It's not just about career insights; it's a glimpse into the human side of AdTech.

Listen to our favorite podcast:

🎧 Listen on Apple: AdTechGod Pod

🎧Listen on Spotify: AdTechGod Pod

3. The IAB UK Podcast

Hosted by CMO at IAB UK James Chandler, "The IAB UK Podcast" is a weekly release featuring interviews with guests, insights into the latest trends, and thought-provoking discussions about the future of digital advertising. The IAB UK is dedicated to building a sustainable future for digital advertising.

In this episode of our IAB podcast, Ian Forrester, founder of DAIVID, describes the power of emotion in advertising and the mission to redefine advertising research.

🎧 Listen on Apple: The IAB UK Podcast

🎧 Listen on Spotify: The IAB UK Podcast

4. Behind the Numbers: an eMarketer Podcast

Rated 4.7 stars, "Behind the Numbers" from Insider Intelligence helps listeners make sense of digital media, commerce, advertising, and technology.

Here you get daily news updates, thought-provoking analysis, and a touch of fun.

🎧 Listen in Apple: Behind the Numbers

🎧 Listen in Spotify: Behind the Numbers

5. Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

The Adweek news team engages in lively debates about creativity, advertising, marketing, media, and technology. Hosted on Acast, this podcast offers a scrappy and skeptical take on industry highs and lows.

🎧 Listen here: Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

🎧 Listen in Spotify: Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

6. AdTech Heroes

The 'AdTech Heroes' podcast is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to stay ahead in the world of advertising technology. With each episode, you get a front-row seat to conversations with today's AdTech experts. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, this podcast provides a unique opportunity to learn from the best and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving AdTech landscape.

🎧 Listen on Apple: AdTech Heroes

🎧 Listen on Spotify: AdTech Heroes

7. Taking Inventory

Former Snapchat executives James Borow and Daniel Druger host "Taking Inventory," a weekly podcast that discovers all things happening in AdTech and digital marketing.

Our top podcast from all of them is an interview with @AdTechGod, the anonymous account that’s taking ad tech and marketing by storm. We admire this influencer and think he is a real hero in Adtech.

The podcast helps explore the intriguing 'everything is an ad network' phenomenon with founders, product leaders, engineers, and investors shaping this dynamic landscape.

🎧 Listen on Apple: Taking Inventory

🎧 Listen on Spotify: Taking Inventory

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